hi friends!  michelle cunningham here.  as many of you know i've moved into the world of photography.  to showcase my portrait and wedding work i've opened up a website called milaPhotography.  and because i'm always up to something ... i've chosen to document my daily happenings and random thoughts on a blog ... frexNgrin.

from time to time i will be sending out promos and news about mila.  in the past i would comb through my personal email contacts to notify friends and family of all the exciting stuff i've been doing but i'm trying to be a responsible emailer and not harrass those that don't want to be harrassed.  i don't want my friends to hate me so i'm trying not to abuse our friendship.

 i would love to keep sending you all the fun info like promos, coupons and happenings.  so won't you pretty please... subscribe to the list below?

lots n lots o love...

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